华盛顿 & 澳门葡京博彩软件 is known for preparing students to excel in careers ranging from medicine and law to technology and the arts. We call this professional readiness – the result of a progressive set of experiences that begin when you first arrive on campus and continue throughout your four years of education

The 专业进修中心 will support you in discerning your interests, 磨练你的技能, 追求你的长期梦想. 澳门葡京博彩软件把每个学生都视为新兴的专业人士, capable of mastering interpersonal and technical competencies to ensure a career success. A personalized PATH to Success will map your plan to pursue high-quality 实习s, 奖学金和基于成绩的奖励, 如果合适的话, to apply to leading graduate schools and prepare for entrance exams. 沿着成功之路, guidance will be provided by your own Student Success Network comprising a Student Success Consultant, 教师顾问, 职业道路专家, 课外导师可以包括你的体育教练, 学生生活工作人员, 同行的领导人, and alumni who will support your experiential learning through 实习s and other pre-professional opportunities.

除了, the 专业进修中心 offers a suite of online services that include 握手, 提供全日制在线访问, 兼职, 实习, 勤工助学, and summer job opportunities; Big Interview, a practice and mock-interviewing platform; and Focus2Career, 职业探索平台. Students can also craft their own academic experience through the college-funded 麦哲伦项目, 一个为学生提供独特研究方法的项目, 实习等等.






在W&J, professional readiness also includes a commitment that every graduate will be recognized for leadership potential and a commitment to the highest standards of ethics. The 专业进修中心 collaborates with the 道德领导中心, W的另一个显著特征&J education, to support your growth in professionalism, character and confidence. It is no surprise that our graduates are often selected for the most sought-after jobs and later are among the first to be promoted.


W&J’s signature experiences will empower you to achieve learning outcomes that align with eight career competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a professional association focused on market trends and the attributes most sought by top employers.

1. 职业与自我发展

• Explore career pathways and create action plans that foster career connections and workforce attachment
• Participate in a minimum of two experiential learning activities that will refine technical skills and cultivate professional networks

2. 公平与包容

• Work inclusively and develop skills to foster an environment where each perspective is considered for the cooperative purpose of making progress toward a common goal
•了解文化的影响, 身份, and values to be able to apply these constructs in a professional environment

3. 团队合作

• Demonstrate the ability to productively participate in group situations and resolve conflict

4. 沟通

• Engage with the Writing Center to learn to communicate clearly and successfully transfer writing skills to the needs of the professional environment
•在简历中有效地表达实用技能和工具, 在投资组合中, 在面试中

5. 领导

• Collaborate with the 道德领导中心 to deepen understanding of what it means to lead with integrity in one’s personal and professional life

6. 技术

• Cultivate a high level of digital, media, and information literacy
• Develop a professional digital 身份 and demonstrate aptitude with common workplace technologies

7. 批判性思维

• Be able to synthesize and evaluate information that will inform strategic decision-making

8. 专业

• Enter the world of work with confidence and a commitment to continual learning


在职业道路中心, we regularly hear feedback from employers about our talented and prepared graduates. 当你是W的毕业生&J学院, you're a competitive candidate for employment and graduate study.

88% of students complete an 实习 or other professional experience while at W&J. 毕业后, 97% of students accept employment offers or are accepted into graduate school, 68%的人有工作,29%的人继续接受教育.


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握手, a career management platform, connects students and employers. W&J学院 partners with 握手 so that students can locate the best job and 实习 opportunities for their career path at over 300,000名雇主, 包括所有财富500强公司.


Create an account and take the lead to find amazing 实习s and jobs, 甚至在校园里就业,当你是一个学生. 这样你就可以直接享用好东西了, 您的基本信息已经添加到您的个人资料中. To get started in 握手, all you need to do is claim your account.


If you're looking for the best new talent and graduates who are well prepared for the opportunities you have, 你会发现最好的候选人来自W&J学院. Register with us to post your full-time, 兼职, 实习, seasonal, or freelance opportunities. Once you register, the 专业进修中心 will review your registration. 你被批准后,就可以开始和澳门葡京博彩软件的学生交流了.

The CPP team is also available to collaborate on creative enhancements to your recruitment process. 这包括, 但并不局限于:校园品牌推广机会, 参加就业和实习招聘会, 在课堂内外与学生互动. 如需更多资料,请电邮至: professionalpathways@foundationsprogramme.com. 澳门葡京博彩软件期待与您见面!


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